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Heacham Infant and Nursery School

Continued Professional Development

Staff Pedagogy

We are creating a collaborative culture in our Trust to develop staff pedagogy. We want Leaders to support teachers so that confidence to deliver our curriculum and help children be happy and learn is embedded into what we do. We work closely without Trust schools, teacher feedback shows this support and collaboration is effective. Recent CPD is linked below - each presentation was developed by different staff across our team so that ownership, confidence and pride become embedded in what we do.


School Strategic Improvement Funding Project

In April 2018 we were awarded with a School Strategic Improvement Funding project based around early language development , intervention and language rich provision. It is entitled "Unlocking talent and Fulfilling Potential"

The project supports 11 local schools to improve language outcomes in EYFS and provide staff with continuous professional development to be highly skilled in their roles as class teacher and school leaders. These trained staff will apply to be Specialist Lead Educators of the future.

Please see links below as to how we shall implement the SSIF: